Japanese food delivery in Marseille

Sophisticated, light, tasty, varied, there are many ways to describe the deliciousness of Japanese food. And it makes the perfect takeaway food from your favourite restaurant when you just don’t want to go out to eat. After all, ordering complex dishes that would take hours of work (and hours of cleaning up!) if you were to do it yourself, is the height of luxury. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself to a cosy evening in with a loved one, or as a celebratory dinner party with a big group of people.

Deliveroo are here to make your evening go smoothly, with our promise to drop off your food delivery just as soon as we can. All you have to do is look at our extensive listings and order what you’d like to eat. Then just sit back and wait for us to whizz your food to you. Simple!

Marseille: A city full of Japanese culinary delights

Japanese food has never been more popular in the West, with people loving its lightness of touch. And it’s not surprising given that Japanese cuisine emphasises fresh food, with lots of ingredients used to give a delicate balance of flavour. Concentrating on seasonal vegetables and different kinds of seafood, it really is a taste sensation, and a touch of luxury for a top-quality takeaway.

Seafood and fish are staples, with cooking methods including pickling, curing and grilling. Sashimi is the fresh raw fish often served with sushi, and is much loved for its freshness. Although meat is used in Japanese cuisine, and particularly in the Westernised fusion food found in France, it’s not the main focus of many dishes. This makes Japanese ideal for vegetarians too, as there are loads of inventive and unusual vegetable-only dishes available, as well as many tofu dishes.

Choose from rice or noodles, which come in various different types. Try soba noodles for the long thin wheat kind, or udon if you prefer the thicker rice noodles. Both are equally tasty! Ramen is also extremely popular, an egg noodle dish served in different flavours and combinations of spicy broth.