Lebanese food delivery in Nantes

When you want to cut loose from the ordinary, few cuisines will transport you as completely as Lebanese food. Smokey baba ghanoush, spicy kafta and and a platter of cured pastirma will jumpstart your next exotic culinary adventure. Head straight to Deliveroo's Lebanese section, and assemble a great takeaway delivery meal for a relaxing night at home. 

We’ve collected menus from top nearby Lebanese restaurants that promise to satisfy your Middle East cravings whenever the mood strikes. Choose your favourites, or consider choices that go beyond classic hummus, tabbouleh, falafel and shwarma – may we interest you in some kibbeh? From there simply tap the order button while you cuddle up on your couch and your takeaway delivery will be on its way.

Nantes: Tour through Lebanon's tastiest flavours in the comfort of your home

Rich in both hearty vegetables and savoury meats, there are dishes to suit everyone, which makes Lebanese food it great for entertaining. Between fish, seafood, goat and lamb, not to mention vegetables and grains galore, you are bound to discover new flavour combinations. Meanwhile, break your way into the realm of inventive spice combinations and explore their potential to transform a dish, even in small doses. A selection of mezze is a fun way to order lots of different small dishes – perfect for sharing.

As much as dining out can be fun, sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it to get up from the couch, get dressed up and head into town to a restaurant. Instead, enjoying the cosiness of your home sounds like a rather convenient alternative to long waits at crowded restaurants. However, we wouldn't want you to miss out on the amazing flavours an authentic Lebanese restaurant has to offer. And here is where Deliveroo steps in.

With plenty of nearby high-quality restaurants to choose from, we make sure you’ll enjoy some of Lebanon's most intriguing flavours. Just cruise through Deliveroo's Lebanese section for Nantes and order your top picks for takeaway delivery.