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Traditional American food is hugely popular all over the world, and actually has many influences from various cuisines. This is shown particularly with Italian American cuisine, for example. Whether you like to tuck into a good old hamburger with fries, or you want spaghetti with meatballs, there are so many options to enjoy an American feast.

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Best-rated American restaurants in France

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East Side Burgers

 4.6 Excellent (50+)

Best veggie burgers! And the onion rings are delicious

Le Pied de Mammouth - Forêt Noire

 4.4 Very good (50+)

Good burger but Gigantic tomato slice (almost an entire tomato)


 4.7 Excellent (50+)

Amazing as usual- mushroom portion was smaller than usual


No utensils — small portions. But delicious!


A new favorite of mine. Absolutely delicious.

Schwartz's Deli Marais

 4.6 Excellent (50+)

Delicious! Only the salad could need more dressing...


Great Cobb salad and very generous portions!


Best sandwich in the world!! I’m addicted! 😊

SNS Bordeaux

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Really good, just wish the French fries were thicker

Hot Globe

 4.6 Excellent (50+)

Pork sausage has great snap and flavor!

Le A French Hot-dogs

 4.4 Very good (50+)

It was really good and quite a large portion! Highly recommend it :)

Fresh Burritos Lyon

 4.3 Very good (50+)

Finally a burrito in France that taste like a Mexican burrito we can find in the USA... I know it’s confusing, but it’s good.

Blend Odéon

 4.7 Excellent (50+)

quick delivery. food was very tasty. nice extras (eg.: wet wipes)


The chicken was outstanding and we love the way you seasoned everything

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