Dessert food delivery in France

What’s your favourite kind of dessert? A chocolate smothered tart perhaps? Or maybe you prefer delicate pastries smothered in cream. Whatever it is that makes your sweet tooth happy, France is the right place to find a delicious dessert. And whether you’re looking to order the perfect ending to your dinner party, or you want something to cheer up your evening after a hard day at work, Deliveroo can help.

We’re working alongside the best restaurants all around the country, offering excellent desserts. We’ve listed their menus for you under each town and city, ensuring it’s as simple as possible to find what you want. Then order online and wait for us to drop your food delivery off - it’s the best way to enjoy a takeaway. We like to think we’re bringing the best of both culinary worlds to you – restaurant quality food delivered to your door.

Delightful Desserts to be enjoyed all over France with Deliveroo

We can’t list all our favourite desserts here, there just isn’t space! So, we’re going to pick some of the best French puddings that we reckon go down a treat. For the perfect end to a dinner party, you could always go for a classic tarte tatin. Made by professional chefs, it’s perfection on a plate. Caramelized apple tart, with the sweet pastry on the bottom, it’s a classic for a reason.

Another classic, crepes are always popular. Proper French crepes are thin, light and delicious and can be served with pretty much any topping or filling. Traditionally smothered in fresh lemon juice and a scattering of sugar, they can also be stuffed with everything from chocolate to fruit. If you want a real centre piece for your dinner table, you could opt for a Paris-Brest. This stunning ring of puff pastry, filled with praline crème and covered in toasted almonds is so delicious you’ll be struggling not to finish it all off in one go!

Individual pastry treats include eclairs. Synonymous with a taste of France, the traditional ones are filled with a chocolate cream filling. For something a little lighter, crème brulee could hit the spot.