Dessert delivery in Paris

Do you have a sweet tooth? Can’t live without chocolate? If so, you will already be aware that Paris is the capital of sweet food: it groans under the weight of exquisitely crafted cakes, pastries and desserts. Paris is quite simply heaven for sugar-lovers, and Deliveroo’s dessert section for Paris help you to find your sweet spot.

Deliveroo will bring dessert right to your door – all you have to do is choose which tasty treats to order as a takeaway! Whether you want hand-crafted, custard-filled, sugar-dusted pastries from master patisseries, or you’re dying for mouth-watering crepes oozing hazelnut or chocolate spread, Deliveroo can make all your dessert dreams come true. While Edinburgh might have the deep fried Mars bars and London can boast the traditional treacle sponge, Paris truly is in a dessert league all of its own.

Paris: For the most beautiful desserts in the world

Desserts and Paris go together like cheese and wine, like rhubarb and custard and like jam and donuts. There probably isn’t another city in the world that can rival Paris in puddings, so let Deliveroo help you indulge!

Whether you choose food that comes from the cosy bakeries, chic restaurants or quintessentially chilled cafes of France, you can browse our mouth-watering menus of delicious treats. From pain perdu, chocolate mousse, Paris-Brest, towers of perfect choux pastry profiteroles, canary-yellow tarte au citron or delicate layers of raspberry mille-feuille, to the delicious floating meringue islands, we can always be proud of our stunning national desserts.

Whether you require gluten-free or dairy-free, there will be something to tantalise the taste buds. Just take care not to eat too much at your main course, leaving plenty of room to sample the divine delights of Paris’ desserts. Let Deliveroo make your dessert wishes real by bringing the finest and most beautiful sweet treats directly from restaurants to your door. We can get your dessert delivery to most parts of the city, so you’re never too far away for pudding if you order through us now.