Italian food delivery in France

There seems to be something about Italian cuisine that pleases almost everybody. Whether it’s down to the fresh ingredients or the emphasis on simple but skilled cooking. Whatever the reason for your love of the Mediterranean food, it’s not hard to find a great Italian restaurant in France. But how easy is it to get a similarly high-quality Italian takeaway? You’ll be pleased to hear, thanks to Deliveroo’s model it’s straightforward.

We work with highly reputable Italian restaurants across the country to offer you a wide range of dishes, including all the favourites. Just look up your town or city on our platform, then decide what you want to eat. Next, order online and we’ll be on your doorstep before you know it, with your Italian food. So, all you have to do is get the plates ready and then enjoy your delicious delivery. It’s that easy.

France is home to delicious Italian food with Deliveroo

If you’re ordering for a dinner party, you could follow the traditional meal structure, beginning with antipasti and drinks to whet your appetite. Next comes the primo course. This is your starter and usually comes in the form of a small pasta dish, risotto or soup. Following that is the secondo, which is the main meal. Choose from many dishes, including fish and meat choices, with contorto on the side which a vegetable option to complete your meal. For dessert, coffee and a shot of limoncello will end the night nicely.

It may sound like a lot of food, but that’s the Italian way. For your primo, we’d suggest something like rigatoni alla carbonara. This familiar dish is creamy, rich and delicious with pancetta ham, eggs, peppers and pecorino all swirling together for the perfect mouthful. However, if you want a vegetarian dish, you could try spaghetti alla Norma, with its ricotta cheese, tomatoes and fried aubergine base.

For a simple main, go for a traditional thin crust pizza, or perhaps ossobuco if you’re craving meat. This is a classic veal dish with a tomato and wine sauce and is much loved in Italy. There’s just so much choice!