Mexican food delivery in Lille

Are you in love with Mexican food? Do burritos, fajitas and tequila have you swooning with hunger? Is Tex-Mex the perfect way for you to enjoy your food? Well, if you’re looking to order some Mexican food from your favourite restaurant in Lille, you’re in luck. At Deliveroo, we have a grand variety of menus from some of finest Mexican restaurants available for takeaway across the city.

Whether you’re ordering in Mexican food to feed your friends and family, or for a romantic dinner for two, or just as a treat for yourself after a long working week, you’re going to find authentic, fresh food to delight your senses. Mexican food is all about the spice, fun and the taste sensations of the exotic. Thanks to Deliveroo, you can get your delivery without even leaving the house!

Marvellous Mexican food to order in Lille

Every Mexican food aficionado knows there’s Tex-Mex and there’s authentic Mexican. Both are delicious, with subtle differences. If you love nachos, you should try chilaquiles, the authentic version. It’s the toasted tortillas you know and love but instead of shredded cheese, there’s green and red salsa, shredded chicken and a sour cream.

For a real taste of Mexico, try tacos árabes, with its heavily spiced meat. The meat is roasted on a spit and served to order and served in a flour tortilla. One of the most distinctive sauces is mole, which comes in lots of different varieties. Ranging from very dark and chocolatey to lighter and hotter, all versions of mole are delicious.

If you’re looking for something covered in chilli, try enchiladas verdes (green enchiladas). These corn tortillas are packed with chicken and covered in green salsa, cheese and sour cream. Simple but effective! For something a bit different, try pozole, a stew made from chicken, pork and veggies. Slow cooked and with toppings like lettuce, onion and radish, it’s warming and tasty. For dessert, try churros with hot chocolate or dulce de leche roasted banana. So be sure to order with Deliveroo!