Mexican food delivery in Paris

Forget about the greasy tacos and chimichangas that are sold out of food trucks. Fine Mexican food is in a world of its own, as the gourmet restaurants around Paris can confirm. From soft cornmeal tortillas to fiery spice blends and creamy homemade guacamole, Mexican food is so much more than just street food and burritos. Discover the secrets of Mexican cuisine from the comfort of your own home with Deliveroo: simply browse our restaurant menus, place your order, and wait for our delivery. We bring your food straight from the Mexican kitchens to your door, so you get great takeaway from fabulous restaurants.

No matter whether you want to be adventurous and try new dishes, or stick to classics like enchiladas, Mexican food has a way of surprising you. Enjoy the creeping warmth of mild dishes, or go for high spice levels to experience a proper taste sensation.

Paris: Mexican food tastes like a fiesta feels

Unearth the secrets of Mexican food, one restaurant at a time. A classic Mexican dish is mole sauce, which epitomises indigenous Mexican cuisine mixed with colonial Spanish influences. It’s full of chilli, spices and other mixtures, often containing a little cocoa to add colour and depth. Try its regional variations for a trip around Mexico’s local food scene: you’d be amazed how the same dish can change entirely between locales.

Corn is a staple of Mexican food, appearing in everything from tortillas to tamales as well as providing the base for many drinks. Other traditional ingredients include regional cheeses, which are added to dishes to provide flavour and protein. Tex-Mex food is a fantastic Westernised version of Mexican dishes, but nothing can compare to authentic food served up by Paris’s top restaurants.

Round out your Mexican meal with desserts like churros, washed down with some corn-based atole or pozol drinks. Gourmet Mexican food promises to help you experience a whole new world of flavour, and Deliveroo’s handy delivery service means you can eat fantastic world cuisine at home. So place your order and set the table: delicious Mexican food is only a short distance away.