Thai food delivery in France

Is it the delicate balance of complex flavours that makes Thai one of the most beloved cuisines in France? Or is it the emphasis on fresh ingredients and skilful cooking? Whatever it is, there’s no mistaking its huge popularity throughout the country. There are lots of excellent Thai restaurants in every town and city in France, and we’re working with the best of them to bring you their delicious food in the comfort of your own home.

All you need to do is find your town or city in our listings and have a look through the menus we have on offer. Order your food and before you know it, we’ll be dropping your takeaway delivery off at your door. It’s the best way to enjoy great food without expending any effort – just the way we like it! The hardest thing is going to be deciding what to eat.

France: Tasty Thai treats available with Deliveroo

So, we know that getting your teeth into delicious Thai food is super simple, but what about choosing your meal? We know that it’s tricky, particularly when there are so many delicious options on offer. We can’t list all of our favourites here - there just isn’t room - but perhaps our suggestions will give you a bit of Thai inspiration.

We like to start with a platter of gorgeous bites to share. Thai starters covers all sorts of small dishes, including fragrant spare ribs, chicken satay and spring rolls (known as por pia tord). The latter are perfect if you have vegetarians to feed, as you can get meat-free versions that don’t compromise on flavour. Grab some dips for your starters to get the full Thai experience.

For your main dishes, you have so much choice! If you want a lighter meal, with a really traditional Thai flavour combination, then go for something like som tam. This is a salad, made from raw papaya, tomato and beans, covered in a specially spicy dressing. Or dig into a classic Thai green curry for a hot dish – the red version is usually less hard on the tongue, but equally tasty.