Japanese food delivery in France

These days there is an ever-growing number of excellent Japanese restaurants available on the streets of France. It’s a hugely popular cuisine thanks to its complex yet delicate flavour combinations and exotic dishes. Plus, if you’re celebrating a special occasion, or just fancy something away from the norm, Japanese can offer a tasty alternative.

And while you may well have a favourite Japanese restaurant in your town, at Deliveroo we think the only way to really enjoy your food is in the comfort of your own home. We’re not talking about a traditional takeaway however, we’re talking about restaurant-standard dishes cooked by the best Japanese chefs and brought to your door. We work with great restaurants up and down the country to bring you just that - it’s the best of both worlds! Simply choose from our menu listings in your town or city and order your food.

Delicious Japanese food available from top restaurants in France

As soon as we’ve received your order, we will make sure we drop your delivery off at your door as soon as possible. If you’re ordering for a dinner party, or feeding a group of friends, then Japanese cuisine is ideal. Its reliance on fresh ingredients and the huge variety of fish and vegetables make it perfect for a healthier meal than the usual takeaway, and mean it’s great for non-meat eaters too.

Plus, it’s extremely difficult to cook at home, so ordering through Deliveroo really is the best way to enjoy it. If you’re looking for sushi or something a bit different, we can help. Try okonomiyaki for an authentic dish that doesn’t include rice and fish. This pancake is made with shredded cabbage and you can choose almost any kind of topping you desire. It’s a really delicious and unusual dish – share it with your friends, it’ll make you an extremely popular host!

Or, you could go for maki rolls, along with wasabi, soy sauce and pickled ginger for the ultimate sushi experience. Maki rolls are small, with just a single ingredient wrapped in sushi rice and seaweed but taste delightful.