Lebanese food delivery in France

As one of the very popular Mediterranean cuisines, Lebanese food is delicious, on the healthier side and uses fresh ingredients. In Lebanon, food is often used during celebrations, and lends itself well to a dinner party or a big meal with family and friends. Skilful cooking utilises the complex herbs and spices that give it the authentic flavours of Lebanon, and as with most cuisines, it’s best enjoyed when cooked by a trained chef.

At Deliveroo, we know that the best way to enjoy Lebanese food (and any food, in fact) is from the comfort of your own home. So, we figured out a way to make sure your takeaway is anything but average. We work with the best Lebanese restaurants across France to make this possible. Check out our listings for each town to find our detailed menus and then place your order online. It’s so simple!

Lovely Lebanese dishes to be found all over France with Deliveroo

Then, we’ll head out with your delivery from a quality, local restaurant. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying delicious Lebanese cuisine. If you’re entertaining guests, it’s an inspired choice, as the variety and mix of vegetarian and meaty dishes makes it perfectly suited to a mixed group. For your starter, you can indulge in a Mezze.

Similar to tapas in Spain and antipasti in Italy, Mezze is a term used to cover many and varied small dishes. It’s about offering your guests many different flavours, textures, and experiences. Some people like to include very simple offerings, including olives, hummus, and flatbread. Others use it as the whole meal, including dishes like skewered meats, fish, and lots of pickled vegetables, which are tasty options.

Alternatively, you could try Yakneh which refers to a Lebanese stew. You’ll find lots of different varieties depending on the region of origin, but all heavily use herbs and spices. Mulukhiyah is a beef stew made with chicken and beef and garnished with onions soaked in vinegar. Add in some classic baklava (filo pastry with nuts and syrup), or halva (sesame seed paste formed into blocks) for dessert and you have the perfect meal.